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Clothes to Make Kids Happy

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Welcome to my website where you can browse and purchase my exclusive range of sewing patterns for sensory-friendly children's clothing. I am thrilled that you have discovered my site!

Hello, my name is Ruth Maddock and I design knitting and sewing patterns for children’s clothes that are unique, playful, and great for your sensory sensitive child.

I grew up in South London (UK) where we lived in the flat above my father’s shop.

My mother was always making things: cakes of course, but also curtains and clothes. Mum had studied pattern cutting and was a very good dressmaker. I used to wonder why she pinned paper onto the fabric and why the clothes didn’t rustle because of it.  When she taught me to sew, I realised of course that the ‘paper’ is removed – it is just a template to cut around!

Those early experiences shaped me as I went on to study fashion at Art School. After completing my course, I worked as a hand knit designer creating knitting patterns for several women’s magazines of the time. Apart from a break when I had my children, I have been designing knitwear since then. 

My knitting patterns are for sale on my Etsy Shop Website HERE  

I Went Back to School…

I decided to go in a different direction by taking time out to complete an MA in Contemporary Crafts. For my master’s project I returned to my love of clothing design and pattern cutting.

Clothes to Make Kids Happy

During this time I became  really excited about the possibility of ‘Designing for Happiness’.

“Happiness makes good things happen. It actually promotes positive outcomes. The benefits of happiness include higher income and superior work outcomes (for example, greater productivity, higher quality of work, greater occupational attainment), larger social rewards (such as more satisfying and longer marriages, more friends, stronger social support, and richer social interactions), more activity, energy, and flow, and better physical health (for example, a bolstered immune system, lowered stress levels, and less pain), and even longer life…

Happiness is contagious – just try not laughing during this video of the laughing policeman.

I began to question whether it was possible for clothes to make a real difference to a person’s quality of life.

This inspired me to create a range of sewing patterns for clothes for children with sensory issues (sensory processing disorder – SPD)

I also designed most of the fabrics and these are available on the spoonflower platform. Spoonflower fabrics can be bought at

Sensory Processing Disorder

Children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) often have hypersensitivity to touch (also known as tactile defensiveness) and will often find clothing a particular challenge.

These sensory challenges can leave them in a state of anxiety, and they may find it very difficult to learn or engage socially when they are wearing ‘clothes that hurt’.

For the families of children with this clothing sensitivity disorder, life can be difficult.


You can learn more about sensory processing disorder HERE

I hope that my sewing patterns for kids may help in some way to provide a way forward for both parents and children who are challenged by these sensory issues.

Here is note from the mum of one of my models;

He couldn't wait to put them on. I showed him the "clothes designed and made especially for people who don't like edges or labels or scratchy bits like you, with special seams and the t-shirt that can be worn both ways so you don't have to worry about getting it wrong" he said that he'd rate them 100% amazing, and asked "Did he have to give them back?" He agreed to take them off only when I hinted that a larger size might be available and that if he was happy to model for you there might be the possibility of getting hold of some that he could keep. He said "Great clothes that don't hurt!"