My Fabric Designs

Click the links to buy my exclusive fabric from Spoonflower. 

Spoonflower is an independent digital fabric printing company – you can have your design choice printed on any fabric from a huge range. 

They can also produce these designs as wallpaper or choose from a large range of ‘ready mades’ – such as cushions and table cloths.


Building Brick Fabric 

Black on Grey all-over pattern. 

Building Brick Fabric 

Black on Teal all-over pattern.

Grey Cogs 

Grey on Grey all-over pattern. 

Single Grey Cogs

Grey on Grey all-over pattern. 

Simple Stripes

Blue on Grey Stripe Pattern 

Building Brick Truck with QR 

code plans. All-over pattern. 

Tie-Dye Stripes Horizontal

All-over pattern. 

Tie-Dye Stripes Vertical

All-over pattern. 

Black Brush Strokes

All-over pattern. 

Pink Brush Strokes

All-over pattern 

Swallows Outline

Grey on Grey all-over pattern. 


Grey on Grey all-over pattern.

Ants on your Pants

Grey on Grey all-over pattern. 

Meow – Meow

Grey on Blue all-over pattern. 

Green Contours

Grey on Green all-over Pattern 

Bird Footprints

Grey on Cream all-over pattern. 

Grey FeathersFabric 

Grey on White all-over pattern.


Beige on Ecru all-over pattern. 

Black Eyed Susan

Yellows and Greens pattern. 

Horse Chestnut Leaves

All-over Pattern 

Are We Nearly There Yet?

All-over pattern. 

Two by Two Fabric 

Aqua on White stripe pattern.

Cut & Sew Animals 

Fat Quarter Panel

Tick Tock Dandelions

Vintage Botany all-over pattern. 

POW Pop Art

Bright Colour All-over Pattern 

Kaleidoscope Splatter

 All-over pattern. 

Grey Splatters

All-over pattern.